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Henry Norris at the Arsenal



We are currently evolving a series on Henry Norris at the Arsenal.   The main part of the story is listed below in a chronological order.  Below that you will find other articles on Henry Norris relating to specific issues.

Perhaps the most popular element in the Norris story is that of Arsenal’s promotion to the first division in 1919.  The most complete review of this, which puts right the numerous misunderstandings of the events of that year appears in

10 March 1919, Arsenal elected. Find the bribery and get the reward

However as we are working on this complete history more information has come to light.  These will of course all be pulled together when the history reaches 1919, but for the moment in addition to the above article you might also like to read these two pieces…

As for the actual voting and the comments before and after the election these are covered in the following series of articles

Here’s the year by year account.  We’re adding two or three new articles a week.


The Henry Norris Files Section 1 – 1910.

Section 2 – 1911

Section 3 – 1912

Section 4 – 1913

Section 5 – 1914

Section 6 – 1915

Section 7: – 1916

Section 8: 1917

Section 9: 1918 and the end of the war

Section 10: 1919, the reform of football

Please note:

The book “Woolwich Arsenal: the club that changed football” is the only complete history of the club ever published, covering its entire lifetime from 1893 to 1915.  There are a small number of copies left available of this 234 page volume.  It is available for £14.95 with no postage charge for delivery within the UK.  Just email Tony@schools.co.uk with your details and make a payment via PayPal to the account TonyAttwoodofLondon@gmail.com or contact me and I can arrange another other method of payment.

Other articles on Henry Norris

The players at Arsenal during the Henry Norris Era

Other stories from 1910/12

Athletic News: the leading sports journal of the day, previews Woolwich Arsenal 1910/11

George Allison’s view of Henry Norris

Why did Henry Norris have a fixation with Woolwich Arsenal

The take over of Arsenal by Henry Norris

The day Arsenal came within 3 minutes of extinction

By 1910 Norris owned three clubs, one in Division 1, one in Division 2, and one in the Southern League.   Why?

Woolwich Arsenal liquidated

Norris does an interview with the Kentish Indy, and blames the fans

Arsenal supporters refuse to hand over their cash

Norris as chairman

Henry Norris as Chairman (part of the Chairmen of Arsenal series)

Norris and the club motto

Arsenal elected – find the bribery and get the reward

Knighton could not spend, Chapman could

Norris and Highbury

Gillespie Road names as new stadium

The last game in Woolwich

Norris and the Highbury Defence committee

Woolwich Arsenal gain possession of Highbury

23 February 1913: Tottenham demand a meeting of the Football League to stop Arsenal’s advance

22 February 1913 – Gillespie Rd named as new Arsenal stadium

Light Hearts and Optimism

Arsenal buy Highbury

Norris and the players

Did Henry Norris forbid one manager to make signings and give another an open cheque book?

The Reg Boreham story – Norris cast in the worst possible light.

Norris and Chapman

Norris publishes Arsenal’s most notorious advert

When power moved from Norris to Chapman

 George Hardy – the man Norris cited when he resigned

From Knighton to Chapman