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Arsenal’s first ever FA Cup match at Highbury and a challenge for promotion: Jan 1914

By Tony Attwood

While the year 1914 will forever resonate as the year in which the first world war commenced, 1914 was not in any way a year in which the nation was expecting war in a matter of weeks or even months. Life continued, football continued.

By way of example, 1914 saw the first […]

Wenger makes his first signings. Both are unknown one of whom is injured.

Here are the Anniversaries from 14 August – part of our regular daily look at Arsenal’s history.

Our most recent article is December 1913, the alleged redcurrent shirts, and Chapman comes to Highbury for the first time

14 August 1894: Jack Butler born in Ceylon; he played 267 games for Arsenal. He was the first […]