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October 2020

Christopher Wreh

By Tony Attwood

Let me admit it from the start, with Christopher Wreh I just don’t get it. Here was a man who kept Ian Wright out of the Cup Final, and then was… well, in football terms, nothing. How come?

I’m not a footballer, never have been. I work in the arts, as a […]

Players who left Arsenal on this day: what happened to Vermaelen and Pérez

The Arsenal History Society is part of the Arsenal Independent Supporters Association – a body which gives positive support to the club, and has regular meetings with directors and senior officials of the club to represent the views of its members to the club. You can read more about AISA on its website.

You can […]

When it comes to Arsenal, it’s all a matter of who you believe.

Error strewn stories about Arsenal FC are commonplace, and often easy to spot because of inconsistencies in the account, and the fact that information can be checked and be found to be inaccurate.

Of course in the past it was harder to check such matters, as when Arsenal’s ex-manager Leslie Knighton wrote his autobiography in […]

How the fake news travels – especially when Arsenal create it about themselves.

When Arsenal turned itself into a professional club in 1891 – the first club in the south so to do – it was recognised by the club’s Committee that some of the clubs that it had been playing in recent years, as it had risen to be the leading force in football in the south […]

The best and the worst managers Arsenal have ever had

Football managers are measured generally by their success in winning trophies, and by their percentage win rate in matches. Each is a valid measurement, and on each Arsene Wenger comes top of the table. But who were the worst long term managers of Arsenal? The men who won nothing, and also had a low percentage […]

Arsenal start out on the longest unbeaten away run in top flight football

Arsenal hold the record for the longest unbeaten away run in top flight football of 27 games, starting from 5 April 2003.

There were the inevitable moans at the previous away league game on 15 March when Arsenal lost 2-0 to Blackburn, a result which was followed by an away defeat to Valencia in the […]

Whatever happened to Lukas Podolski?

Lukas Podolski played for Bayern Munich and FC Koln before joining Arsenal in 2012, playing 60 games and scoring 19 goals before going on loan to Inter Milan in 2015. He then played for Galatasaray, Vissel Kobe and is now with Antalyaspor in Turkey. Between 2004 and 2017 he played 130 times for Germany […]

When “a Bosman” became a type of transfer and football was changed.

By Tony Attwood

On this day in 1995 the European Court ruled the system of clubs retaining the right to play a player until they released him was illegal under EC rules. As a result when Mr Wenger came to Arsenal the following year he was able to bring in players from across the EU […]

“Fair play is an English word. Unfortunately, it does not function any more here,”

At the start of every season people make lots of predictions but most of them are way off the mark. And I don’t think that on this day in 1997, either before or after our first match of the campaign, anyone was predicting a particularly wonderful season for Arsenal. We had come third in the […]

If we want a complaint, how about the absence of Arsenal TV?

Several clubs have their own TV stations which run films of old games and discussions about current footballing affairs, plus of course player interviews.

And Arsenal did have such a station for a while but it closed on this day in 2009 when its carrier – Setanta went into liquidation. There is the on line […]

Arsenal’s tightest ever defence, but we didn’t win the league.

In 1999 Arsenal concluded the season having conceded just 17 league goals – their lowest ever league total. The top four read…

Team P W D L F A GD Pts 1 Manchester United 38 22 13 3 80 37 43 79 2 Arsenal 38 22 12 4 59 17 42 78 3 Chelsea 38 […]

The decline and fall of a cup finalist

By Tony Attwood

Today’s highlight…

Some players don’t make it, we know that of course, and some do make it but fade away quickly. But few that I have seen have slipped so quickly and so far as Christopher Wreh. Signed in 1997 he scored the only goal in the cup semi-final against Wolverhampton in […]

Supposing we’d never had the Emirates, but had gone to play at Wembley

The Arsenal anniversary files.

On this day in 2007 David Dein was sacked as director of Arsenal. He had argued consistently at board meetings for Arsenal not to build a new stadium to replace Highbury but instead to move to Wembley on a permanent basis. His crime was to continue to speak in favour of […]

Arsenal’s lowest crowd, and Chapman resigns. Arsenal anniversaires on 5 April

Apologies for the non-appearance of the Anniversary files for a few weeks – I was in Australia and had horrific communication problems with total failure of my phone and difficulties with the laptop. But now we are back with the daily anniversary headline, and all the stories for today.

All the anniversary files are contained […]

Wenger the record breaker, from first to last

On this day in 2017 Arsenal achieved yet another record in their long history of records – more FA Cup semi-finals than any other club. Of course the semi-final is not a trophy, but it was at this moment that the media finally realised that Mr Wenger was on the edge of becoming the most […]

When Arsenal forgot their heritage and resorted just to kicking the opposition

The opposite of Arsenal anniversaries

You might be interested in a new website from the team that brings you the Arsenal Anniversaries each day. Instead of looking back, it looks to the future. Football Predictions.

And the Anniversaries themselves…

Below are the Arsenal (and for historical context, occasionally one or two non-Arsenal) anniversaries for today […]

A poor start at home does not mean the season will flop.

The Arsenal Anniversary Files

Note about today: I don’t normally do lots of crowing about our ability to predict who will be a great player for Arsenal, mostly because most of the time we are wrong.

Latest article published by the Arsenal History Society

Experimenting with the offside law as Arsenal lose 6 in a […]

“This could be a player we’ll love and love again”. How right we were of this signing.

The Arsenal Anniversary Files

Note about today: I don’t normally do lots of crowing about our ability to predict who will be a great player for Arsenal, mostly because most of the time we are wrong.

Latest article published by the Arsenal History Society

Managerial fantasies about West Ham, as a deep rot sets in. […]

Arsenal concede their lowest number of goals in one season ever

These are the Arsenal anniversaries that we have found for this day.

A full list of all the anniversaries for the year appear in the month by month listings on this site. See the index in the left column or on our home page. Today’s headline story comes from 1999.

16 May 1881: Teddy Bateup, […]

When the Arsenal players gave the Nazi salute

This is part of our regular daily series on Arsenal anniversaries

Our headline comes from 1938.

The latest post from our series on Henry Norris at the Arsenal

October 1922: Henry Norris withdraws, Arsenal in dire straits


14 May 1894: James Crozier signed from Partick Thistle. He played just once for Woolwich Arsenal on […]

It took Arsenal six attempts to beat Wimbledon at home


Below are the anniversaries of Arsenal for 18 April

The full index to what is on this site is here.

The latest article on Henry Norris at the Arsenal is…

March 1922: Desperate times for Arsenal, Norris returns and another allegation overturned

The current series:

Covering all aspects off the life and work […]

The day Chapman resigned from Arsenal and was told to go back to work

Below are the anniversaries of Arsenal for 5 April

The full index to what is on this site is here.

The latest article on Henry Norris at the Arsenal is…

When Arsenal hit rock bottom of the League. October 1921

The current series:

Covering all aspects off the life and work of the man […]

Rumours circulate that League Football will be stopped – and crowds immediately rise.

Here are the anniversaries of Arsenal for 11 March. There is only one day that our headline story could concern (as you might well have guessed if you are a regular reader) and that is 10 March 1919.

The most in-depth analysis of what happened on that day that has ever been published is provided […]

The first time money from an Arsenal fund raising game did not go to those intended

This is our daily review of Arsenal anniversaries taken from the Arsenal day by day files prepared by the AISA Arsenal History Society.

Our headline is taken from this day in 1966 – and how it relates to issues today

Here are the stories from this day in history…


15 December 1890, Luton offer […]

The birth and death of Joe Mercer & the 2nd Double Season starts with a draw.

Here are the Anniversaries from 9 August – part of our regular daily look at Arsenal’s history.

Details of the whole list of 5000 Arsenal anniversaries and other activities undertaken by the Arsenal History Society are at the end of today’s list.

9 August 1914: Joe Mercer born. He first played for Ellesmere Port Town […]