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November 2015
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The latest meanderings from the History Society….


Derby literally took the fight to Arsenal with O’Hare at one stage punching and kicking Graham repeatedly.  As players tried to pull O’Hare off, the referee checked with the linesman and then spoke to Gemmill and Simpson.  It was that sort of display.

Arsenal in the 70s: part 7.




Why was the first Arsenal side called Dial Square, and why did it only last one game?

New major article: Herbert Chapman’s first year at Arsenal, analysed as never before.

A Memorial to the founders of Arsenal’s Highbury dynasty.


Arsenal in the summer – 48 tales from the Pre-Season files.  Here are the latest…

And the full list…

Arsenal in the summer: the Pre-season files

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The Tom Whittaker era and its significance in Arsenal’s history

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Site updates:  we have recently done major updates on all the anniversary files from January to July, enlarging the details on each entry.

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On this page you will find details of some of our recent research articles, plus details of today’s Arsenal anniversaries, and information on the books on Arsenal that we have published.   The AISA Arsenal History Society is dedicated to recording Arsenal’s history in all its detail from all perspectives.  If you would like to contribute research or a personal story please do write to

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