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February 2016
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To understand Arsenal’s success, we also need to understand what led up to Arsenal’s success

Arsenal in the 70s Part 20: July to Dec 1977 – signs of recovery.

Arsenal: the long sleep 1953 – 1970; a view from the terrace.

By John Sowman with an introduction by Bob Wilson

Arsenal: The Long Sleep is the definitive detailed account of the seventeen seasons immediately after the record seventh Football League championship win in 1953.

There are full details of this volume, which is available worldwide as a paperback, and via Amazon on Kindle on the Arsenal Books page where there is also a link to sample pages from the book, and details of the other Arsenal books that we have published.

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The Tom Whittaker era and its significance in Arsenal’s history

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Site updates:  we have recently done major updates on all the anniversary files from January to July, enlarging the details on each entry.

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On this page you will find details of some of our recent research articles, plus details of today’s Arsenal anniversaries, and information on the books on Arsenal that we have published.   The AISA Arsenal History Society is dedicated to recording Arsenal’s history in all its detail from all perspectives.  If you would like to contribute research or a personal story please do write to

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